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Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card

Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
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Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
Flymotion Mach3 3 4 5 6 Axis Controller Card
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Flymotion Mach3 3 4 6 Axis Controller Card USB Motion USB Breakout Board 24V

ZKmotion logo has been upgraded to Flymotion logo in 2019

Packing List :

  • 1 x mach3 3/4/5/6 Axis Flymotion USB CNC Controller card 1000KHz/800KHZ

  • 1 x USB cable(With two magnetic shield)

  • English user manual FlyMotionV1.4-UserManual


1. Fully supporting all Mach3 versions, including the Mach3 R3.043.066 version.
2. Supporting Windows series, including Windows2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10.
3. No need to install any USB drivers, it can be used after plugging in the computer.
4. USB bus is the use of magnetic coupling isolation, isolation of real value, different from the general control card optocoupler input and output, do high reliability, absolute guarantee the safety of the computer USB. At the same time to ensure that the strong anti-interference ability of EMC.
5. The single chip, the system stability is more streamlined, multi-chip processing generally incomparable
6. Dual-core ultra-high-speed CPU (the maximum single-core frequency 204MHz), operation processing ability has great redundancy, and ensure the realization of four-axis linkage under1500KHz frequency of the pulse output, 6 axis pulse output frequencies up to 800kHz, connected to the servo/step
7. Motion control buffer size can be set and ensure the fast interpolation cycle can stable operation, computer running overload can also smooth operation and interpolation cycle adjustable, can adapt to a variety of different needs.
8. Has 16 input port, input interface more simple, port of wet and dry contact can be, wiring is simple, dry contact method for as long as the external connection to a physical switch to the wire can be, all 16 input port are indication signal, for low power usually indicating lamp is bright, debugging simple and clear.
9. With 8 output ports, a single output drive capability of 170mA max can be directly driven by DC relay.
10. The PWM speed output port can be set, the frequency of PWM, pulse width 0~1000 continuously adjustable.
11. With the function of the speed, the actual speed of the spindle in the Mach3 interface, real-time display, accurate and stable measurement.
12. With 256 bytes of NVRAM space, it can save the coordinates of the 6 axes, the next power without the need to find the mechanical origin.
13. The circuit board is made by the engineer, the design level is clear at a glance.

The CNC 6 Axis handheld controller MPG Pendant with x1, x10, x100 selectable, You are bidding one complete unit of the MPG pendant with an Emergency stop for 6 axis CNC machine, is equipped with our popular machined MPG unit with 6 axis and scale selector, LED indicator also send feedback from the CNC machine to user about the status of the unit.

- All Wiring isolated from MPG unit and provide an easy to install wiring diagram, it suits both commercial machine as a replacement jog control unit or other computer-based controllers. Which adds great control flexibility to the system.


- x1, x10, x100 switch

- X, Y, Z,4th axis selector switch (5th, 6th)
- LED indicator
- High-quality professional chassis
- 6ft extendable high quality shielded cable cord
- The magnetic base holder can place anywhere on the machine steel surface
- Required 5V+, 150mA, power for MPG
- Phase output is A,/A, and B,/B;
- TTL output, drive capability +-20mA;

Support CNC system:
- Taiwan Pou Yuen M600 M500 M520i T300 series, Hagerman, HANUC, GSK, opened NC, KND, Siemens, the NUM, Spain FAGOR (NEW, 8055I) and so on.

- Users can wire this unit to the CNC system with easy.

Related product:

Pendant Handwheel has 3 kinds:

1.Voltage 5V 100PPR.General model, adapt to 98% of the market's 5V handwheel power supply system

2.Voltage 12V 25PPR.Suitable for Mitsubishi

3.Voltage 24V 100PPR.Suitable for PLC with 24V supply voltage

Features :

1. Cable: (easy to open about 3 meters): imported materials, moderate hardness, can withstand more than 300,000 times of stretching

2.Housing: New ABS material Corrosion resistant Not easy to break

3.Band switch: FD switch from Taiwan Fuhua Company


Unconnected wires must be cut to bare copper,then one after another parcel, Do not touch anything else lines, components, and housing to avoid causing a short circuit.

1. Please read the manual carefully before wiring, so as not to affect the handwheel operation.

2. The encoder is unable to reverse, the voltage is too high to be burned, usually 5V, such as the new generation of  Siemens, but Mitsubishi connects 12V, PLC connects 24V.

3. The COM point is the handwheel switch public point, must be connected, otherwise, the switch will not work properly.

4. The handwheel is light to handle, the collision is easy to be damaged, the rotating code disk and the switch cannot be too hard, so as not to affect the service life

5. If you don't have A -, B - signal, you don't have to connect

6. If Mitsubishi does not have A -, B - signal, PLC does not have A -, B - signal, these signals are not connected.

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